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Your Wellness and Life Coaching Site

Your Wellness and Life Coaching Site

Welcome to Pathways to Wellnesstm

 Claire Kruppe, M.D. 

 Patty M. Henderson, M.A., C.M.




At Pathways to Wellness we have information on wellness coaching, stress management, alternative medicine, and so much more! 

Pathways To Wellnesstm coaching and consultation offers a wide range of services for individuals and businesses.  At Pathways we are passionate about coaching and working with people who want to find more meaning in their lives to make their hearts sing and to live healthier more joy-filled lives – Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit.  Key areas that are targeted:

 Coaching and Counseling

  • Life Coaching 
  • Wellness Coaching/Wellness Living
  • Holistic Health Counseling
  • Stress Management and Life Transition Counseling
  • Relationship Coaching/Communication Coaching
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution
  • Wellness and Meditation Retreats/Getaways

Wellness Care 

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Medical Reviews of Reports/Biopsies & Second Opinions
  • Weight Loss Programs and Nutritional Counseling
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Techniques
  • Wellness Care for the Elderly
  • Parent Care Advocacy

Corporate /Business Wellness and Coaching 

  • Corporate/Business Wellness Programs
  • Business Coaching
  • Board of Directors Training/Management Training   and  Staff Training
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate/Group Wellness and Training Retreats


The decision is up to you and we as your coaches and consultants can assist you in making the decision to become a healthy, motivated you.  HOW? 

You will:

  • Become motivated in finding a sense of direction.
  • Become enthusiastic about the next day with renewed energy and purpose.
  • Become  empowered to make healthier decisions and with more clarity.
  • Learn how to make personal commitments to develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • Become actively involved in your own wellness.
  • Learn more about health and your wellness.

We coach by telephone or e-mail.

What sets us apart from other Wellness and Life Coaching programs is our combined professional experience in both traditional and alternative medicine, counseling, mediation,  management and patient advocacy.  We bring you the best and most comprehensive approaches to help  guide you to greater health, deeper love and more harmony and balance within your life. 

The more you learn about yourself and health and wellness the easier it will be to discover the changes you need to make and what resources you need to implement the changes.

Explore our website and feel free to e-mail us regarding your issues.  We look forward to  providing a FREE introductory consultation to help you determine if we are a match in assisting you in finding your best Pathways To Wellnesstm.  We want  to  work with you  to  fire up your life again.

Let's take the first step together.  For a free initial consultation, just contact us below for telephone coaching or e-mail coaching.



Email Address

Email Address

Message / Comments / Questions

Message / Comments / Questions

       Nourish Your Mind

                        Strengthen Your Body

                                            Dance With Your Spirit!

Healthy Lifestyles

That's just what we all want! We at Pathways To Wellness advocate practicing a holistic healthy lifestyle.  Beginning to practice it now, and the younger the better, will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle well into your nineties.  Through our alternative medicine, Wellness, Life and Relationship Coaching and Weight Management Services, we offer practical, personalized techniques to meet the specific holistic health needs of individuals.


Promote wellness, inspire and support our clients in identifying and achieving their goals of improving mind, body and spirit by providing counseling and information through traditional and alternative medicine, wellness and life coaching techniques.

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